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Pamfab is a family business with its manufacturing, development and design in the heart of Småland.

We wanted to develop a functional alternative when it comes to floor systems in plastic, so we have with a little bit of clarity and with our designers help developed a complete system with both stylish and functional accessories.

Not thinking about the environment is no longer an alternative in today’s society. Customers are increasingly demanding that companies and products have a clear environmental profile. Everything we manufacture is made with as clean technology as possible, and we use materials that are the best from an environmental point of view.


The floor has endless possibilities – this multiplied by the combinations means that only the imagination sets the limits. You will have complete free play to make your surroundings comfortable and where the design comes up with the technology in the background as a support.

Pamfab Lounge Light gray

Pamfab Lounge Grey

Pamfab Lounge Black

Pamfab Lounge Beige


Lounge “decor list” was developed solely to accentuate this floor, as our floor does not really require a strip to hide any finish in the floor. The decor list is available in the colors that the floors are in and you can also advantageously use a different color on the decor strip and another on the floor.

Pamfab Decor Light Grey

Pamfab Decor Grey

Pamfab Decor Black

Pamfab Decor Beige


Lounge led lighting is a popular accessory for our decor strips, which provides a nice finish to the installation, with integrated features in the floor such as cable recesses and the floor plates can be split and still connected to each other.

Pamfab Decor

Cable integrated in the floor tile

Pamfab Lounge Lighting

Lounge Decor and floor tile


By being able to freely determine length and width, Pamfab LOUNGE opens up new opportunities to build environments in the desired size.

Balconies and patios

Design floor that fits perfectly on balconies and patios together with, for example, a sofa group in lounge style.

Home Environments

Also suitable for other types of home environments such as boiler rooms and the recreation room.

Café and restaurant environments

Advantageously added to the café and restaurants and can also be fitted with recessed lighting.

Only the imagination sets limits

One can, for example, mount the plate on both walls and ceilings where it also fits well with our decor strip and lighting.

Wet areas

With the stylish design and the smart design in the plate, it is advantageously laid out in bathrooms, shower rooms, saunas, pool areas and laundry rooms.

The garage

If you want the car to get that little extra, you can put the floor in the garage. When our integrated color points allow you to screw the floor so that it does not move during stress.


Easy to add

In order to lay the LOUNGE flooring system, no tools are usually needed as it is easy to press the plate together with the hand, during a larger installation a rubber hammer can be used.

Fixing points

In the plate there are 5 attachment points for easy anchoring in the ground if you lay the floor in eg the garage where you put the floor under pressure when driving on it.


In the construction of the Pamfab LOUNGE plate, we have built in multifunctionality such that the plate can be divided every 15mm and still have the same opportunity to be attached together with the next plate or with our Decoration strips.


The underside of the floor is designed so that cables can be easily hidden under the floor without additional accessories.

Installation instruction as PDF

If you want the instruction in PDF format for easier reading or for printing, you can download it here.


The floor Pamfab Lounge can be laid both indoors and outdoors in all possible spaces.

Easy mounting

When installing the floor, no tools are usually needed as the plates are simply pressed together by hand.


The floor is self-draining in its construction and is suitable for laying in damp places.

Allows the subfloor to breathe

The subfloor can breathe when the construction makes the air flow easily under the floor.

Can be used indoors and outdoors

The floor works both indoors and outdoors with the possibility of recessed lighting.

Removable & Maintenance-free

This modern and practical floor can easily be moved and adapted to new areas and is basically maintenance-free.


Most built-in functions, eg. drainage, expansion, cable retention, divisible with retained function and attachment points for anchoring in the substrate.


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